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Dear Buyer:

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is proud to work with our fruit and vegetable industry and promote the many wonderful crops they grow. With North Carolina's ideal location, our farm fresh produce can reach 65% of the US population within 24 hours.

The North Carolina fruit and vegetable industry generated an estimated $605 million in farm income last year. This industry provides employment for many of our state's citizens and is an important source of income for many rural families. Last year, there were approximately 170,000 acres of fruits and vegetables grown in our state. Our overall agricultural production is the third most diverse in the country.

This North Carolina Grower and Shipper Directory includes listings of major North Carolina growers, packers and shippers to aid you in your search for top-quality fruits, vegetables, herbs and organic products.

Please refer to the list of NCDA&CS Marketing Centers, that can provide you with any additional information about the industry or the produce companies.

We look forward to providing you with quality produce and service. Thank you for your interest in North Carolina Fruit and Vegetables.


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Steve Troxler

Steve Troxler, Commissioner